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March 2023

Training on Participatory Public Art in Linköping (SE)

The Art4Rights project training course, hosted by the Municipality of Linköping, took place on 28 and 29 March
The training has been focused on the two main elements connected in the project:
  • the participative public art with its peculiarities and important examples, introduced by Annalisa Cattani;
  • the European Charter of fundamental rights with a special focus on the meaning of European citizenship, presented by Anna Wetter-Ryde (SIEPS).
Thanks to the presentations of experts and citizens, participants had the opportunity to discover the city of Linkoping through different eyes, transforming several spaces of the city into places, important for their own cultural heritage and the European one.
The second day has been dedicated to the importance of citizens’ participation in promoting and valorising public arts. The programme has been completed with workgroups and study visits.
Partners now start now with participative public art local activities that will produce the final art outputs of the project.


Welcome speech

Presentations on Participatory Public Art

When a space becomes a place

Participatory project Virserum 

EU Charter

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