City of Buzet

City of Buzet population is 5997 and it is situated in region Istria near Slovenian and Italian border. It supports and finances many initiatives and projects related to young people, their active participation in society and organize other activities such a film festival, business start-up academy, concerts and etc. Advisory body formed on initiative of a young people called “Savjet mladih Grada Buzeta” translated would mean “City of Buzet youth council” is an advisory body which suggests new initiatives and projects related to young people to the local government. Lots of young people from Buzet is involved in volunteering through nonprofit organisations, included in sports clubs and other activities that enriches their daily lives. City of Buzet is populated mostly from Croatians (around 90%) and have small amount of other nationalities living here. Biggest amount of people from other culture are people from Bosnian minority who also have their association which is supported by the City of Buzet. They are a proud organisers of a festival in the center of the city where they present their tradition, traditional dance, food etc.

Previous experience

City of Buzet has positive experiences in the preparation and implementation of more than 20 projects financed from EU funds. Among the most significant international projects are; REVITAS and REVITAS II (IPA OP SI-HR 2007-2013), Adriatic Health and Vitality Network (IPA Adriatic CBC), GROW-EU, C-FRIEND and REN – Rural Europe Network (Europe for Citizens), Heart of Istria, DIVA (OP SI-HR 2007-2013), RESTAURA (INTERREG CE). Most significant national projects funded by the EU are: Reconstruction of the kindergarten in Buzet (800.000,00 EUR funded by the EAFRD), Business incubator Verzi (600.000,00 EUR funded by the ERDF), Reconstruction of the castle Pietra Pilosa (1.000.000,00 EUR from ERDF) etc.

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