Landkreis Kassel

The Landkreis Kassel is one of five districts in northern Hessen (Germany). It covers a total area of 1.293 km². In 28 municipalities are living about 240.000 people with a slightly rising tendency. The Landkreis Kassel is a responsible administrative authority as well as a policy and decision maker. It supports the municipalities in the fields of traffic infrastructure (roads and bridges), educational infrastructure (schools) and adult education, health care, social welfare including support services, regional development, cultural activities (exhibitions, local projects, international cooperations), agricultural, environmental, and forestal affairs, veterinary office plus waste management. With respect to the project ART4RIGHTS it is important to recognize the particular situation of the Landkreis Kassel. It comprises small municipalities in rural areas with only 6000 inhabitants as well as industrial cities with 30.000 inhabitants. This leads to interesting perspectives and views towards the project and means special challenges.

Previous experience

The Landkreis Kassel has contacts and partners in Italy (Emilia-Romana), in the USA (Dane County, Wisconsin), in Bistrița-Năsăud (Rumänien) and Chişinău (Moldawien).

The district regularly participates in projects in the field of education, participation and culture, which are very often also carried out with partner institutions or financed by third parties.

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